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Sector Experience

Godiva delivers an extensive range of services and has considerable scaffolding experience different sectors including Local Authority, Education, Commercial, Residential, Health, Heritage, Leisure, Industrial, Infrastructure and Railways. Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.


Godiva Access & Scaffolding has offices in Coventry, Leeds and Manchester and we work closely with clients and other contractors on projects where there is a risk of asbestos exposure. We advise on all aspects of specialist access, from the planning stage to ensure proper consideration of the risks is taken through to proper removal and disposal.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of asbestos scaffolding, please do get in touch.

Godiva has the experience and resources necessary to work within sensitive and clean environments, such as bakeries, breweries, electronics, pharmaceutical and other specialist manufacturing environments. 

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.

Residential Scaffolding

Godiva Access & Scaffolding has a wealth of experience in scaffolding and access solutions for the construction of new build residential construction contracts. Godiva’s extensive experience includes high rise new build and refurbishment, house building on estate developments, through to house refurbishments and individual self build and bespoke high end residential properties. Godiva’s Coventry, Manchester and Leeds based teams have considerable expertise in all types of residential construction and we provide our clients with a prompt and efficient service from planning through to completion.

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.


Godiva Access & Scaffolding has worked on new build scaffolding and access contracts ranging from two weeks to two years, and you can be assured that, on whatever size project, Godiva Access & Scaffolding delivers the same level of service and professionalism. As a result of this client centred approach we have become preferred supplier to new build contractors, property developers, end clients and alike.

At Godiva Access & Scaffolding we will do all we can to provide you with the most competitive service achievable within your scope of works. Having an innovative and cost conscious approach to all of our construction contracts means we can advise you on the most appropriate access solutions for your project.

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.

  • Loughborough University


Scaffolding specialists from Godiva Access and Scaffolding are highly experienced in working in and around providing scaffolding for refurbishment projects. Godiva’s portfolio of scaffolding works includes, demolition, high rise, low rise, EWI and PV scaffolds, office, schools, hospitals and commercial buildings. All Godiva Access and Scaffolding scaffolders are asbestos awareness trained to work in and around old buildings, ancient and historic structures, where hidden risks can be present.

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.


The management team at Godiva Access & Scaffolding has considerable experience of working on scaffolding historic buildings for private owners, English Heritage and the National Trust. Our team fully understands the unique challenges of working on historic buildings, which starts with a design concept that minimises the effect of access and scaffolding structures to the fabric and surrounding areas of historic buildings and monuments. Our operational teams take full responsibility to plan and carry out works in partnership with an owners’ design team and main contractor to ensure that safety and technical quality are of the highest standard.

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.

Event Scaffolding

Coventry based Godiva Access and Scaffolding also operates from regional offices in Manchester and Leeds. Godiva’s teams of specialist scaffolders provide both indoor and outdoor event scaffolding structures for all types of events. Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience with one of the largest system scaffold manufacturers AT-PAC, Godiva has access to scaffolding products that consistently deliver premium solutions for world-class events.

Godiva’s teams specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of temporary structures and ancillary support services from our central base in Coventry and regional offices in Manchester and Leeds.

Our management team can testify to having delivered some Olympian feats, having project managed some of the largest structures in the 2012 London Games.

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.

Industrial scaffolding

Godiva Access and Scaffolding has provided industrial scaffolding services in a number of different industrial environments from waste to energy plants, process plants and to heavy industry. With extensive experience and knowledge across our entire team, Godiva has the capability to provide the right industrial scaffolding solutions at the right time.

Godiva’s management team have an extensive industrial background, having all worked for some of the major plc players in the sector.

Godiva is accredited to to the Achilles UVDB utility industry pre-qualification system. Working closely with key buying organizations in the sector, this community helps them achieve the highest standards of supply chain assurance. Click HERE to view our certificate

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.

Railway scaffolding

Godiva Access & Scaffolding services national, regional and local railway scaffolding contracts from its offices in Coventry, Leeds and Manchester. Godiva is a Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) audited access and scaffolding contractor and its management team has considerable experience of undertaking complex access and scaffolding contracts on the UK railway network.

Godiva is fully aware of the unique requirements for designing and erecting scaffold structures in the vicinity of the permanent way and we fully understand the critical need to take account of the impact of aerodynamic actions (buffeting loads) from passing trains.

To see our managerial experience within the Railway Sector please click here:  180327-Updated-Bio-Karl Degroot-godiva-v3

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.

System Scaffolding

Godiva Access and Scaffolding partners with scaffolding system supplier AT-PAC who has delivered high-quality industrial, municipal, and commercial scaffolding to contractors and project managers across the globe.

AT-PAC has a proven track record of competence, professionalism, and skilled engineering beyond the average quality of most scaffolding manufacturers. AT-PAC’s scaffolding solutions are custom-designed to meet the individual challenges of any job site, including industrial, municipal, commercial, events, and civil projects using high productivity, ergonomic products which provide fast, safe innovative scaffold systems.

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.

To find out more about our system scaffold partner AT-PAC CLICK HERE

Temporary Roofing

Godiva Access and Scaffolding offers a range of temporary roofing solutions and services. Godiva can provide commercial, industrial and residential property owners scaffolding, screening and steel structures (including hygienic); temporary covers, enclosures and storage; secure or protected areas with doors, windows and alarms if necessary; weather, dust, noise and fire protection; and screen branding and advertising. So for all of your Offsite Construction (OSC), Offsite Manufacture (OSM) and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) requirements you’ve got it covered with Godiva.

Visit our Portfolio section to view a selection of project case studies.