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Skills 4 Growth Funding boosts management training

Godiva Access & Scaffolding is benefiting from Skills 4 Growth Funding that has helped its management team develop new skills and raise standards.  And the results are already reaping rewards as the specialist contractor has seen sales in 2018 surge past £5 million per annum.

Karl Degroot, Godiva’s managing director, said: “ Godiva prides itself on being able to drive a strong and successful team by continually offering a plan to help them build new skills and improve their performance and productivity.”

Godiva teamed up with Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber Training, to put in place a detailed skills and training development plan for all staff. Godiva committed to create a sustainable workforce and future proof its requirement for management, supervisors and skilled scaffolders.

A key part of the strategy has been to provide the senior management team with leadership management skills. Godiva’s investment in its people has been supported with external funding from the Skills 4 Growth Fund.

Natalie Lane, from the  Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber Training said:   “We are delighted to see that Godiva’s senior management team are embarking on the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) management development qualifications.”

During 2018 Godiva opened new regional offices in Manchester and Leeds and secured a flow of news orders and has helped sales to surge towards £5 million. Godiva was also recognised for their forward looking approach and sustainable practices, winning the Coventry Telegraph Business Awards 2018 Sustainability Award for their practices within the industry as well as being shortlisted for the Leadership Team of the Year Award.