A Platform for Success

An award winning team

Godiva is an award winning access and scaffolding contractor that offers a full range of access, scaffolding and temporary works solutions.

About Godiva Access & Scaffolding

Godiva Access & Scaffolding is an award winning access and scaffolding contractor that offers a full range of access, scaffolding and temporary works solutions. We have a commitment to ‘Total Safety’ and delivering the highest standards of technical excellence.

Godiva operates from offices in Coventry, Manchester and Leeds. Our range of services include the design and installation of access, scaffolding and temporary works working with both System and traditional tube and fitting.

Our engineering teams devise solution that meet access and scaffolding objectives in the most efficient way. We balance the demand for ‘Total Safety’ with an approach that can minimise erection and on-site schedules.

Clients include building owners, developers, schools, universities, hospitals, house builders, infrastructure, railways and main contractors

Experienced management team

Our management team has considerable experience of the scaffolding industry, and Godiva Access & scaffolding has built a foundation of standards, experience and commitment to quality. Combine that with continually delivering great service at competitive prices and these have formed the pillars of our success.

That’s why we continue to invest in our people and infrastructure to ensure we lead the way in our industry’s standards and safety. We adhere to all industry regulations and offer complete project management consultancy, ensuring our clients are satisfied again and again.

We believe that investing in our people and infrastructure are crucial to our success. Developing a reputation for our services has ensured that a large percentage of our business comes from existing clients or through client recommendations.

Our mission is to continue to be environmentally responsible and minimise our carbon footprint, work with government enforcing bodies to ensure we implement the ever changing safety standards and continue to grow our portfolio of clients through quality of service and advice.

Collaborating with local authorities and our clients to ensure the highest standards is a focus through which we intend to better what we do and ensure the maximum benefit to all parties involved in our work.

Our management team has an impressive record of  achievement and to view the biographies of the team CLICK HERE

We were impressed by how Godiva has used sustainability to improve its performance and by the investments made into its products and services to make themselves more sustainable.